Application is now closed. The following is provided for reference only.

The application is now closed. Please note that there is a $200 registration fee, which should be paid prior to the event after acceptance.  However, a fee waiver is available to those who do not have resources to cover this cost. Qualified participants will also be offered dormitory accommodation and domestic travel reimbursements.

Please have your recommendation/institutional commitment letter writer(s) information (optional if you are a faculty) and drafts for 3 questions before you begin. If you are a student, you must obtain one letter from your faculty advisor. The institutional commitment letter is optional but will be considered, and it should come from a course instructor who is interested in implementing the module(s) or from the department expressing interest in implementing computational modules offered by ICMEd.


Q1. Please describe yourself briefly (e.g., 1-3 sentences). You may enter the link to your website if you have one.

Q2. Please give a short description why you are interested in this program and how you or your current or future organization would benefit from this program.

Q3. While no computational background is required, it will be helpful for the organizers to understand your background.  Please list any computational background, including programming software and simulation tools, along with a brief description of how you used them. If you are a faculty, you may enter “N/A”.