Thermo Lecture (Paul Mason)

Thermo Module Problem Set

Thermo Module Walkthrough

Thermo Module Review Slides

Thermo Module Q&A Slides


DFT Lecture (Mark Asta)

DFT Module Quantum Espresso Walkthrough

DFT Module Problem Set

DFT Module Review


Computational Mechanics Lecture (Edwin García)

Mechanics Module Walkthrough

Mechanics Module Problem Set

Mechanics Module Review Slides

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Kinetics Lecture (Jonathan Guyer)

Kinetics Module Walkthrough

Kinetics Module Problem Set

Kinetics Module Review Slides



Overview of CMSE (Katsuyo Thornton)

Introduction to Computation (Katsuyo Thornton)

Pedagogy and Lecturing in a Technical Subject (Joanna Millunchick)

Active Learning (Grenmarie Agresar)

Practice Talk Feedback Form

Active Learning Feedback Form

Blooms Taxonomy

CRLT: Teaching and Learning

Computational Materials Design in Education (Wei Xiong)

Molecular Dynamics (Liang Qi)

MOOSE Framework Overview (Larry Aagesen)

PRISMS Center Overview, Part 1 (Brian Puchala, Glenn Tarcea, Steve DeWitt)

PRISMS Center Overview, Part 2 (Brian Puchala, Glenn Tarcea, Steve DeWitt)

ICME for ICMEd (John Allison)

Monte Carlo Simulation (Anton van der Ven)

Artificial Neural Networks in Materials Science (N. S. Reddy)

Molecular Dynamics (participant contribution)

LAMMPS Walkthrough (Alireza Etesami)

LAMMPS Files (Alireza Etesami)

Sample Output (Alireza Etesami)

Molecular Dynamics Exercise (Alireza Etesami)