Summer School for Integrated Computational Materials Education

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Back after COVID, we completed the 2023 event successfully on June 23! To receive information for the future events, please join the email list here

If you are interested in the past course content, please see Downloads.

Computational approaches have transformed many scientific and engineering disciplines in the last decade. While the complexity of the physics and multiscale nature of materials makes modeling challenging, modern methods of computational materials science are also beginning to produce widespread impact in the design and development of new materials. Thus, a recent survey performed and published in JOM, as well as the National Academy of Engineering Report, clearly indicates the need for integration of computational techniques into undergraduate MSE curricula. To address the challenges in this integration, the “Summer School for Integrated Computational Materials Education,” is a two-week program that includes a “crash course” on computational materials science and engineering (CMSE) and focus sessions on educational modules that can be adopted into existing core courses. These computational module can be implemented into undergraduate-level thermodynamics, kinetics, material physics, and mechanical behavior courses. The second week of the summer school is designed to train graduate students and postdocs to teach these modules to undergraduate students and include practice teaching and feedback sessions.